Commit 1a51f5c6 authored by Vincent Delecroix's avatar Vincent Delecroix

maximal chain in the vertex cycles

Add code to compute the maximal chain in the configuration
graph of the curve system given by the vertex cycles
parent e5ef54e5
Pipeline #54064335 canceled with stage
Look at nice patterns of vertex cycles on a train-track.
We should probably be looking at nice patterns of *carried* curves!
from veerer import *
from surface_dynamics import *
from sage.graphs.generic_graph_pyx import SubgraphSearch
def longest_chain(T):
'''Return the longest chain of vertex cycles on the veering triangulation T'''
cycles = T.vertex_cycles()
n = len(cycles)
adj = [x.intersection(y) for y in cycles for x in cycles]
I = matrix(ZZ, n, adj)
J = matrix(ZZ, n, [bool(x) for x in adj])
G = Graph(J)
m = 2
path = None
while True:
for V in SubgraphSearch(G, graphs.PathGraph(m), induced=True):
P = G.subgraph(V)
edges = P.edges(False)
if all(I[i,j] == 1 for (i,j) in edges):
print("found a path of length {}".format(m))
m += 1
path = edges[:]
print("no path of length {}".format(m))
return path
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