Commit 01784472 authored by Mark Bell's avatar Mark Bell

Added testing via conjugators.

parent c7362e52
......@@ -66,7 +66,30 @@ def test(T, edge, colour):
depths[key] = [s] + depths[convert(current_lam_mat)]
if len(depths) % 10000 == 0: print('expanding seen past {}'.format(len(depths)))
print('{:s} decomposes as: {}'.format(cycle, '.'.join(depths[twist_key])))
print('{:s} decomposes as: {}'.format(list(cycle), '.'.join(depths[twist_key])))
def test_conjugators(T, edge, colour):
''' Test whether the vertex cycles of T can be written as conjugate of a product of twists in the vertex cycles of T after the given edge has been split. '''
current, future = current_future_vertex_cycles(T, edge, colour)
twists = [((index+1) * (+1 if k == 1 else -1), curve.encode_twist(power=k)) for index, curve in enumerate(future) for k in [-1, +1]]
to_do = Queue()
names = dict()
for s, t in twists:
to_do.put((t, [s]))
names[t] = [s]
for cycle in current:
twist = cycle.encode_twist()
while twist not in names:
current_t, current_s = to_do.get()
for s, t in twists:
adjacent = ~t * current_t * t
if adjacent not in names:
names[adjacent] = [s] + current_s + [-s]
to_do.put((adjacent, names[adjacent]))
if len(names) % 10000 == 0: print('expanding seen past {}'.format(len(names)))
print('{:s} decomposes as: {}'.format(list(cycle), '.'.join(map(str, names[twist]))))
def test_all_in(stratum):
for T in Automaton.from_stratum(stratum):
......@@ -74,7 +97,7 @@ def test_all_in(stratum):
assert T.is_core()
for edge, colour in core_flips(T):
print(T, edge, colour)
test(T, edge, colour)
test_conjugators(T, edge, colour)
def intersection_matrix(T):
''' Return the matrix of intersection number of vertex cycles of T. '''
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