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ideas for Learning Compline

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\rotatebox{180}{\mbox{1F; 2K; 3H; 4A; 5L; 6G; 7D; 8O; 9M; 10B; 11C; 12E; 13J; 14I; 15N}}
Idea for Learning Compline
\item Visita quaesumus
\item Deus in adjutorium
\item Canticle - Nunc dimittis
\item Jube Domine / domne
\item Confiteor
\item Psalm - start with Ecce nunc benedicite
\item Te Lucis
\item Tu autem
\item In manus tuus
\item Marian Antiphons
\item More Psalms
\item Special Cases - Holy Week, Easter Week, Requiems,
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