Version 0.2.0

Release 0.2 has mostly been focused on rewriting the engine. It doesn't mean that it includes pretty cool features such as:

  • Hang Gliding
  • Pets: Pig and Wolf. They can be spawned with /pig and /wolf commands.
  • Name tags: You can finally know who is this guy with the blue shirt!
  • Singleplayer: No need to start a server just to play alone
  • Character customization: It isn't fully complete but still allows you to look different than others
  • Music!
  • Major performance improvements related to the fact that we rewrote the entire game
  • 0% chance to get a deadlock
  • Animations: You finally can move your limbs!
  • Combat: You can finally swing your sword that has been on your back. Enemies are coming soon, but you can always fight with other players
  • When a server dies the game no longer crashes - you will be just kicked to the main menu