Commit 71bf78c3 authored by cev's avatar cev

Compilation option for Phast.

parent 72ab9714
......@@ -57,6 +57,11 @@ The :mod:`miRmap` library has the following requirements:
svn co phast
cd phast/src
In the file **, add the ``-DUSE_PHAST_MEMORY_HANDLER`` parameter to the line starting with ``CFLAGS += -I${INC} -DPHAST_VERSION=${PHAST_VERSION}``. Then replace the path to the CLAPACK_ and compile with:
make CLAPACKPATH=../CLAPACK-3.2.1 sharedlib
- For the *P.over exact* feature, the `Spatt <>`_ library is required (You will need a working copy of `CMake <>`_ on your system).
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