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#Telegram chart contest
The app is a JavaScript app for showing simple charts data based on provided input data.
##Contest challenge
Note: you may not use specialized charting libraries. All the code you submit must be written by you from scratch.
The criteria we’ll be using to define the winner are speed, efficiency and the size of the app.
The app should show 4 charts on one screen, based on the input data we will provide within the next 24 hours. We will announce how you can submit your finished work later in this channel.
###JS Designs
![Chart demo][]
![JS Chart day mode][]
![JS Chart night mode][]
###Data format
Data provided in JSON file as input data for the 5 charts. It contains a vector of JSON objects ('chart'), each representing a separate graph.
`chart.columns` – List of all data columns in the chart. Each column has its label at position 0, followed by values.
x values are UNIX timestamps in milliseconds.
`chart.types` – Chart types for each of the columns. Supported values:
"line" (line on the graph with linear interpolation),
"x" (x axis values for each of the charts at the corresponding positions).
`chart.colors` – Color for each line in 6-hex-digit format (e.g. "#AAAAAA").
`chart.names` – Names for each line.
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