Commit 604a0fce authored by Marek Vavrusa's avatar Marek Vavrusa

examples: new example for tailing KyotoTycoon

this demonstrates a more complicated program with
string comparisons, specialisation and C++ demangler
parent e8b8f963
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-- Trace operations on keys matching given pattern in KyotoTycoon daemon.
-- This can show you if certain keys were modified or read during the lifetime
-- even if KT doesn't support this. It also shows how to attach to C++ mangled symbols.
local ffi = require('ffi')
local bpf = require('bpf')
local S = require('syscall')
local function help(err)
print(string.format('%s [get|set] [key]', arg[0]))
if err then print('error: '..err) end
-- Accept the same format as ktremotemgr for clarity: <get|set> <key>
local writeable, watch_key, klen = 'any', arg[2] or '*', 80
if arg[1] == 'get' then writeable = 0
elseif arg[1] == 'set' then writeable = 1
elseif arg[1] == '-h' or arg[1] == '--help' then help()
elseif arg[1] and arg[1] ~= 'any' then
help(string.format('bad cmd: "%s"', arg[1]))
if watch_key ~= '*' then klen = #watch_key end
-- Find a good entrypoint that has both key and differentiates read/write in KT
-- That is going to serve as an attachment point for BPF program
-- ABI: bool accept(void *this, const char* kbuf, size_t ksiz, Visitor* visitor, bool writable)
local key_type = string.format('char [%d]', klen)
local prog = bpf(function (ptregs)
local req = ffi.cast('struct pt_regs', ptregs) -- Cast to pt_regs, specialized type.
-- Watch either get/set or both
if writeable ~= 'any' then
if req.parm5 ~= writeable then return end
local line =
ffi.copy(line, ffi.cast('char *', req.parm2))
-- Check if we're looking for specific key
if watch_key ~= '*' then
if req.parm3 ~= klen then return false end
if line ~= watch_key then return false end
print('%s write:%d\n', line, req.parm5)
local probe = assert(bpf.uprobe('/usr/local/bin/ktserver:kyotocabinet::StashDB::accept', prog, false, -1, 0))
-- User-space part of the program
local ok, err = pcall(function()
local log = bpf.tracelog()
print(' | | | | |')
while true do
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