0.5 Release

Please note that this release uses a new signing key and thus will be incompatible with previous releases. You will need to uninstall the previous version and after that install this version.

New Features:

  • Map Markers: The map markers should now be clickable to provide a little additional information.
  • Messages: The application can now show notification-style messages that are displayed at the bottom and in a new "Messages" page.
  • Status Screen Overhaul: The Status pages have received an overhaul, to improve their usefulness. This includes the new Messages page.
  • Low Power Mode: After a timeout, the application will now stop screen effects to reduce the amount of power used. The timeout is configurable and defaults to 2 minutes.

Other Changes:

  • The application now makes use of the Android 6 permissions model. This means you can get prompts for permissions during runtime instead of it asking upfront.

Download the APK here