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kmapper -- Currell Berry
This program creates karnaugh maps from truth table inputs. The program is accessible online at my website, but it's also easy to run locally.
Installation and Running
This program includes a web interface. In a common lisp environment with quicklisp
installed, running the program should be as simple as calling (load "kmapper.lisp") from
the REPL, and navigating to localhost:8080 in a web browser. Quicklisp will handle installing
the dependencies "
To use the REPL plain text interface:
1. switch to the package :kmapweb
(in-package :kmapweb)
2. save the truth table you wish to generate k maps from as a variable (refer to the
example truth tables at the bottom of the file for how to format this.)
Let's say you named the variable *my-truth-table*
3. call (create-k-maps *my-truth-table*)
4. answer the prompt for number of inputs
for both interfaces, the truth table must be entered in whitespace separated form
-- this is automatically done if you paste from a spreadsheet for example.
note, "tlist" as referred to within the code below means a key value lisp p-list with the
column header as key and a list of the binary values associated with that
column header as values.
You may use or modify this program for any purpose, but please
include my name in the source.
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