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......@@ -8,10 +8,12 @@ This program creates karnaugh maps from truth table inputs. The program is acce
Installation and Running
This program includes a web interface. In a common lisp environment with quicklisp
installed, running the program should be as simple
1. set the *install-dir* variable below to the directory in which you downloaded
the project.
2. calling (load "kmapper.lisp") from the REPL, and navigating to localhost:8080
installed, to run the program.
1. set the *install-dir* variable below to the root directory you'd like hunchentoot to
use to process web requests.
2. change the uri "/lisp/ttablepost" to "ttablepost" if you're running hunchentoot as
standalone without a proxy.
2. call (load "kmapper.lisp") from the REPL, and navigate to localhost:8080
in a web browser.
Quicklisp will handle installing the dependencies. If you don't have quicklisp, google
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