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......@@ -43,3 +43,11 @@ In certain edge cases, you may have to restart windows before changes to PATH ta
Note that if "open with emacs" ever stops working it's probably because the .emacs.d/server/server file has gotten out of date (windows uses tcp to manage emacsclient connections, this is less robust than the method used on unix/linux.). I have seen this occur when the computer crashes with emacs still running. Delete the server file and try again.
Build Instructions
- Check out project
- Download latest version of emacs for Windows as a zip file. Make new folder named externals inside the project root and place the emacs zip there.
- Download nsis2 and install that
- Move the included nsisunz.dll into the lib folder of your nsis2 installation (we require this nsis plugin to extract the emacs zip at installation time)
- Right click on installer3.nsi in windows explorer, and select "Compile NSIS Script"
- NSIS should run and produce you a working Emacs_Powerpack.exe isntaller of your own
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