Commit b57b4e25 authored by valtron's avatar valtron

don't throw ContactDoesNotExist if user invites self to chat

parent d3ca6f2c
......@@ -336,15 +336,19 @@ class Backend:
callee_uuid = self._user_service.get_uuid(callee_email)
if callee_uuid is None: raise error.UserDoesNotExist()
ctc = caller.detail.contacts.get(callee_uuid)
if ctc is None: raise error.ContactDoesNotExist()
if ctc.status.is_offlineish(): raise error.ContactNotOnline()
ctc_sessions = self._sc.get_sessions_by_user(ctc.head)
if ctc is None:
if callee_uuid != caller_uuid: raise error.ContactDoesNotExist()
ctc_user = caller
if ctc.status.is_offlineish(): raise error.ContactNotOnline()
ctc_user = ctc.head
ctc_sessions = self._sc.get_sessions_by_user(ctc_user)
if not ctc_sessions: raise error.ContactNotOnline()
for ctc_sess in ctc_sessions:
extra_data = ctc_sess.state.get_sb_extra_data() or {}
extra_data['client'] = ctc_sess.client
token = self._auth_service.create_token('sb/cal', { 'uuid': ctc.head.uuid, 'extra_data': extra_data })
token = self._auth_service.create_token('sb/cal', { 'uuid': ctc_user.uuid, 'extra_data': extra_data })
ctc_sess.send_event(event.InvitedToChatEvent(chatid, token, caller))
async def _sync_db(self):
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