Commit 62606ebe authored by valtron's avatar valtron

fix: _cid_format

parent 4b9e0bdd
......@@ -534,16 +534,13 @@ def _date_format(d):
return d.isoformat()[0:19] + 'Z'
def _cid_format(uuid, *, decimal = False):
cid = (uuid[0:8] + uuid[28:36]).lower()
cid = (uuid[0:8] + uuid[28:36])[::-1].lower()
if not decimal:
return cid
# convert to decimal string
cid = int(cid, 16)
if cid > 0x7FFFFFFF:
cid -= 0x100000000
return str(cid)
return str(int(cid, 16))
def _bool_to_str(b):
return 'true' if b else 'false'
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