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This is an example of packaging of Firefox for both Flatpak and
Snappy. This is not intended to be used but to show how to build
an application to run both on Flatpak and Snappy.
Please see [this blog
for more information.
### Dependencies
First install BuildStream 1.2 and bst-external:
pip3 install --user git+[email protected]
pip3 install --user git+[email protected]
There are alternative ways to install it, see the [documentation](
Then build the `valentindavid/snap` branch of Freedesktop SDK and install it:
git clone freedesktop-sdk-snap --branch valentindavid/snap
cd freedesktop-sdk-snap
make export-snap
snap install --dangerous snap/platform.snap
### Building the application
git clone
cd firefox-buildstream
bst build firefox.bst
### Testing the application
bst shell firefox.bst -- firefox --new-instance
### Building and installing the snap
bst build snap/image.bst
bst checkout snap/image.bst snap/
snap install --dangerous snap/firefox.snap
/snap/bin/firefox --new-instance
### Building and installing the flatpak
bst build flatpak/repo.bst
bst checkout flatpak/repo.bst repo/
flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify local-firefox repo/
flatpak install local-firefox org.mozilla.Firefox
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