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    fernly: fix gcc warnings · 516c7409
    Sean Cross authored
    Several GCC warnings were getting generated on various compilers.  This
    patch solves those warnings.
    For various platforms, a uint32_t is not the same as an unsigned int. On
    these platforms, printf("%x", (uint32_t)0) generates a warning.  Use the
    <inttypes.h> formats (i.e. PRIx32) as formatters to silence these warnings.
    There was also a security warning picked up by certain compilers when
    calling printf(msg) in fernly-usb-loader.  This has been fixed.
    Finally, lcd.c was refactored to fold the unused lcd_dat_slot() function
    into the lcd_cmd_slot() function as a brand-new unified lcd_slot().
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSean Cross <xobs@kosagi.com>
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