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Merge pull request #29 from pfalcon/3rdparty-dev Add instructions how to enter bootloader for 3rd-party devices.
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......@@ -37,6 +37,15 @@ This will open up /dev/fernvale, load usb-loader.bin as a stage 1 bootloader,
and then load (and jump to) firmware.bin as stage 2. Optionally, you can add
a stage 3 file by specifying it as an additional argument.
Many 3rd-party devices enter bootloader mode only for a short window (~1s)
after being connected to USB. A device almost certainly should be "off". Some
devices require that battery is removed, while some - don't. To accommodate
such cases, there's -w (wait) option. Run fernly-usb-loader, and only
then connect a device to USB. This will allow to try various combinations
mentioned above with greater comfort (you need to disconnect and poweroff
device after each try, and restart fernly-usb-loader).
./build/fernly-usb-loader -w -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ./build/usb-loader.bin ./build/firmware.bin
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