Verified Commit d5adf548 authored by Allen Mak's avatar Allen Mak

Update redirects.

Generated redirects will go to the appropriate slug instead of the wiki index. This massively improves the chances of someone reading/finding the information they wanted since we all know users will not click more than once to get to what they want.
parent b06a6541
......@@ -51,3 +51,5 @@ cp src/favicon/* public/ || echo "[] Failure."
#this portion can be removed after gitlab fixes custom 404s
echo [] Generating redirects…
cat -n src/redirect/redirect.txt | while read n f; do cp src/redirect/redirect.html $f || echo "[] Failure."; done
#fix redirects to slugs instead of wiki index
cat -n src/redirect/redirect.txt | while read n f; do find public/ -name $f && sed -i "s|\/|\/${f%.html}\/|g" $f; done
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