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- __DO NOT__ attempt to submit content which is illegal in Germany or violates the Tildes Code of Conduct.
- __DO__ re-read everything once after you've written it and hunt for spelling mistakes.
- __DO__ attempt to use inclusive language by default, such as singular "they" for users of unknown gender. Your request won't be denied for this, but might be edited.
# Optimization Recommendations
Any media contributed to the wiki should be optimized (made smaller to reduce loading times). (e.g. use `png` instead of `bmp` or for web graphics, `jpg` or `webp` instead of `raw` for large photographs)
For example you could use [optipng]( and [jpegoptim]( to losslessly optimize on Linux. Be sure to __make backups__ before you run anything!
The following one liners will losslessly optimize all `.png` and `.jpg`/`.jpeg` files in a folder (including subfolders):
- `find . -name "*.png" | while read p;do optipng -o5 --quiet "$p";done`
- `find . -type f \( -name "*.jpg" -or -name "*.jpeg" \) | while read p;do jpegoptim -s --quiet "$p";done`
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