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    • Alban Crequy's avatar
      kernel config: add CONFIG_IKHEADERS · b2d69628
      Alban Crequy authored
      BCC tools need to have access to kernel headers. It can be done either
      by installing linux-headers packages or by having a kernel compiled with
      CONFIG_IKHEADERS so that enough information can be retrieved via
      BCC tools are used in Inspektor Gadget, a collection of tools for
      developers of Kubernetes applications. I would like Inspektor Gadget to
      support Minikube.
    • Thomas Strömberg's avatar
      Merge pull request #8570 from tstromberg/cni-split2 · cdc456a1
      Thomas Strömberg authored
      CNI: Update CRIO netconfig with matching subnet
  5. 26 Jun, 2020 22 commits