Unverified Commit 9d403a8e authored by OpenShift Merge Robot's avatar OpenShift Merge Robot Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #3995 from haircommander/exec-sync-fix-1.11

[1.11] Copy spec to not touch original spec on exec(sync)
parents 1eee6811 566e29b4
......@@ -820,7 +820,9 @@ func PrepareProcessExec(c *Container, cmd []string, tty bool) (*os.File, error)
return nil, err
pspec := c.Spec().Process
// It's important to make a spec copy here to not overwrite the initial
// process spec
pspec := *c.Spec().Process
pspec.Args = cmd
// We need to default this to false else it will inherit terminal as true
// from the container.
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