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# Wasteland Jukebox OS
Operating system setup script for the
[Wasteland Jukebox](
This guide assumes the use of a Linux box for preparation and a Raspberry Pi
3B+ for the target SBC. Parts of this guide are taken from [the official Alpine

## Preparation
The following steps are performed on a Linux host to prepare an SD card for the

 1. Download the latest [Alpine image]( for
    Raspberry Pi (for 3B+ use the `armv7` image)
 2. Insert the SD card into the computer
 3. Create a bootable FAT32 partition on the card using
    or a GUI tool like gparted
 4. Mount the SD card
 5. Extract the content of the downloaded Alpine image to the root of the card
 6. Copy the file `usercfg.txt` and the directory `install` from this directory
    to the root of the SD card
 7. Unmount and remove the SD card from the computer

## Installation
The following steps are performed on the Raspberry Pi:

 1. Connect an ethernet cable to the Pi if using a wired connection
 2. Insert the SD card into the Pi and plug power in to turn it on
 3. Login using username `root` and empty password
 4. Run `setup-alpine` and complete the setup wizard
 5. Run `cd /media/mmcbkl0p1/install; sh install` to run the installer
 6. Run `reboot` to reboot into the initialized system

## Licensing
Source in this repository is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license, see
`LICENSE` for details.