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......@@ -10,16 +10,18 @@ only making changes that are necessary to a bucket. Files are not uploaded if
already present in the bucket with the same content, and bulk list and delete
operations are used.
To install with Chanterelle you will need `Python 3 <>`_
and `setuptools <
#requirements-for-installing-packages>`_. Run the following to install the
latest release of Chanterelle directly from PyPI::
latest release of Chanterelle directly from PyPI:
.. code-block:: console
pip install chanterelle
Chanterelle can be configured using a YAML file placed in the project root
......@@ -67,19 +69,21 @@ There are several ways to `manually configure <
uses, but the easiest way for those only using a single set of credentials is
to use the `configure command <>`_ of
the `aws command line tool <
.. code-block:: console
$ aws configure
Once you have created :code:`_upload.yml` and set AWS credentials, you can run
Chanterelle from the command line::
Chanterelle from the command line:
.. code-block:: console
Chanterelle is licensed under the MIT License, see :code:`LICENSE` file in
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