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## What does this MR do?
Add a description of your merge request.
- What are you implementing?
- What are you trying to achieve with these changes?
## Related issues
Add a reference to issues related with this merge request.
If there are no related issues:
- Describe the problem
- Provide steps to reproduce
## Link(s) to related invision screen(s)
* Add link
* Add link
## Developer Checklist
- [ ] My branch is up-to-date with the upstream `master` branch
- [ ] Coding is in progress, and I have marked the MR as WIP
- [ ] Coding is completed and the MR is ready for review
- [ ] My MR follows the [contribution guidelines](
- [ ] I have successfully run the code of this merge request locally
- [ ] I have verified locally that my changes work for all necessary screen sizes
- [ ] I have added a comment with **screenshots** of the code running locally
## Tech review Checklist
Have you verified that what is supposed to happen, actually does, and what is not supposed to happen, indeed does not?
- [ ] The MR accurately **describes** the changes and has a relevant title/description
- [ ] The MR **does what it is supposed to** according to its *title*, *description* and related *issues*/*links*
- [ ] I have successfully run the changes locally, and tried the new code
## MR review Checklist
- [ ] The MR references related issues/MRs
- [ ] The MR provides links to screens and screenshots
- [ ] The **commits** of the MR describe the changes, have proper wording, and follow the [guidelines](
- [ ] I have successfully run the changes locally, and tried the new code
- [ ] The MR is **ready for merge** (rebased, commit squashed if needed, etc)
# How to contribute
1. Fork the project
2. Code and submit a Merge Request
- Make sure you follow the style guidelines (found at the end of this documents)
3. We will review the Merge Request, leave comments, and merge it when ready
## Coding
### Installation
Check out the [installation guide](
### See it on your browser
- Run `ng serve` for a devevelopment server
- Navigate to `http://localhost:7002/`
The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.
### Scaffolding
- Run `ng generate component component-name` to generate a new component.
- You can also use `ng generate directive|pipe|service|class|guard|interface|enum|module`.
* Run `ng build` to build the project.
The build artifacts will be stored in the `dist/` directory. Use the `--prod` flag for a production build.
## Tests
### Running unit tests
Run `ng test` to execute the unit tests via [Karma](
### Running end-to-end tests
Run `ng e2e` to execute the end-to-end tests via [Protractor](
## Style
1. Only English words allowed within the code
2. Make sure tests run successfully prior to opening a new Merge Request (MR)
3. We follow the best practices for git, for example:
- Commit message starts with a verb in the first person (eg. Add, Fix)
- There is an empty line at the end of each file
- There are no spaces at the end of a line
## Bugs
Found a bug? Open an [issue](
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