Commit a86d4358 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

lib: Don’t try and treat a character literal as a string pointer

There is no way that’s going to give a valid address.
parent f70ec6b7
......@@ -1873,7 +1873,7 @@ uhm_server_received_message_chunk (UhmServer *self, const gchar *message_chunk,
* files to be (pretty much) ASCII. File uploads are handled by zero-extending the responses according
* to the traced Content-Length. */
g_byte_array_append (priv->comparison_message, (const guint8 *) message_chunk, message_chunk_length);
g_byte_array_append (priv->comparison_message, (const guint8 *) '\n', 1);
g_byte_array_append (priv->comparison_message, (const guint8 *) "\n", 1);
if (strcmp (message_chunk, " ") == 0) {
/* Received the last chunk of the response, so compare the message from the trace file and that from online. */
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