Commit 4028873c authored by Dalton Durst's avatar Dalton Durst Committed by Dalton Durst

Allow selecting another rootfs

I built a pine64 A64 device rootfs to reduce the time and effort
we spend inside debos. This allows selecting that instead of the default
parent 1f3c17a0
{{- $architecture := or .architecture "arm64" -}}
{{- $debug := or .debug "off" -}}
{{- $imagesuffix := or .imagesuffix "-edge" -}}
architecture: {{ $architecture }}
- action: download
description: Download latest ubuntu touch rootfs from CI
url: "{{ $architecture }}/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/ubuntu-touch-xenial-edge-{{ $architecture }}-rootfs.tar.gz"
url: "{{ $imagesuffix }}-rootfs-{{ $architecture }}/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/ubuntu-touch-xenial{{ $imagesuffix }}-{{ $architecture }}-rootfs.tar.gz"
unpack: false
filename: ut-rootfs.tar.gz
name: ut-rootfs.tar.gz
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ actions:
architecture: {{ $architecture }}
debug: {{ $debug }}
imagesuffix: "-edge-pine"
- action: run
chroot: true
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