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......@@ -40,3 +40,41 @@ Installing Ubuntu Touch on your PinePhone then reporting the issues you find her
* `@ubports` on Telegram
[this repository's Issues tab]:
## What works, what doesn't?
And yes, the Pinephone is no daily driver yet. See the list to get an idea where we are!
### Working
* Boot into GUI
* Touchscreen
* Charging
* Manual brightness
* WiFi
### Working with manual steps (e.g. issue a few commands to init a subsystem)
* Cellular: Carrier info, signal strength
* Cellular: PIN unlock
* Cellular: SMS in, out
* Loudspeaker
* Volume control
### Not working
* Offline charging
* USB: RNDIS access
* USB: MTP access
* Automatic brightness
* Hotspot
* Earphones
* Microphone
* Speakerphone
* Cellular: Data connection
* Cellular: MMS in, out
* Cellular: Incoming, outgoing calls
* Cellular: Voice in calls
* Bluetooth
* Flight mode
* Sensors: Rotation
* Sensors: Brightness
* Sensors: Proximity
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