Commit 95b41b80 authored by Simon Glass's avatar Simon Glass Committed by Tom Rini

mtdparts: Correct use of debug()

The debug() macro now evaluates its expression so does not need #ifdef
protection. In fact the current code causes a warning with the new log
implementation. Adjust the code to fix this.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: Bin Meng's avatarBin Meng <[email protected]>
parent 0e98b0a6
......@@ -873,15 +873,12 @@ static int device_parse(const char *const mtd_dev, const char **ret, struct mtd_
return 1;
#ifdef DEBUG
pend = strchr(p, ';');
debug("dev type = %d (%s), dev num = %d, mtd-id = %s\n",
id->type, MTD_DEV_TYPE(id->type),
id->num, id->mtd_id);
debug("parsing partitions %.*s\n", (int)(pend ? pend - p : strlen(p)), p);
/* parse partitions */
num_parts = 0;
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