Commit 92926bc8 authored by Cooper Jr., Franklin's avatar Cooper Jr., Franklin Committed by Tom Rini

boot_fit: Create helper functions that can be used to select DTB out of FIT

Some platforms may append a FIT image to the U-boot image. This function
aids in parsing the FIT image and selecting the correct DTB at runtime.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFranklin S Cooper Jr <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: Tom Rini's avatarTom Rini <[email protected]>
parent 3863f840
......@@ -437,6 +437,13 @@ config SYS_STDIO_DEREGISTER
config FIT_EMBED
bool "Support a FIT image embedded in the U-boot image"
This option provides hooks to allow U-boot to parse an
appended FIT image and enable board specific code to then select
the correct DTB to be used.
string "Default fdt file"
......@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ obj-y += image.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ANDROID_BOOT_IMAGE) += image-android.o
obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_)OF_LIBFDT) += image-fdt.o
obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_)FIT) += image-fit.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FIT_EMBED) += boot_fit.o common_fit.o
obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_)FIT_SIGNATURE) += image-sig.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IO_TRACE) += iotrace.o
obj-y += memsize.o
* (C) Copyright 2017
* Texas Instruments, <>
* Franklin S Cooper Jr. <[email protected]>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <boot_fit.h>
#include <common.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <image.h>
#include <libfdt.h>
int fdt_offset(void *fit)
int images, node, fdt_len, fdt_node, fdt_offset;
const char *fdt_name;
node = fit_find_config_node(fit);
if (node < 0)
return node;
images = fdt_path_offset(fit, FIT_IMAGES_PATH);
if (images < 0) {
debug("%s: Cannot find /images node: %d\n", __func__, images);
return FDT_ERROR;
fdt_name = fdt_getprop(fit, node, FIT_FDT_PROP, &fdt_len);
if (!fdt_name) {
debug("%s: Cannot find fdt name property: %d\n",
__func__, fdt_len);
return -EINVAL;
fdt_node = fdt_subnode_offset(fit, images, fdt_name);
if (fdt_node < 0) {
debug("%s: Cannot find fdt node '%s': %d\n",
__func__, fdt_name, fdt_node);
return -EINVAL;
fdt_offset = fdt_getprop_u32(fit, fdt_node, "data-offset");
if (fdt_offset == FDT_ERROR)
return -ENOENT;
fdt_len = fdt_getprop_u32(fit, fdt_node, "data-size");
if (fdt_len < 0)
return fdt_len;
return fdt_offset;
void *locate_dtb_in_fit(void *fit)
struct image_header *header;
int size;
int ret;
size = fdt_totalsize(fit);
size = (size + 3) & ~3;
header = (struct image_header *)fit;
if (image_get_magic(header) != FDT_MAGIC) {
debug("No FIT image appended to U-boot\n");
return NULL;
ret = fdt_offset(fit);
if (ret <= 0)
return NULL;
return (void *)fit+size+ret;
* Copyright (C) 2017 Texas Instruments
* Written by Franklin Cooper Jr. <[email protected]>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
int fdt_offset(void *fit);
void *locate_dtb_in_fit(void *fit);
......@@ -1272,6 +1272,9 @@ void board_fit_image_post_process(void **p_image, size_t *p_size);
#define FDT_ERROR ((ulong)(-1))
ulong fdt_getprop_u32(const void *fdt, int node, const char *prop);
int fit_find_config_node(const void *fdt);
* Mapping of image types to function handlers to be invoked on the associated
* loaded images
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