Commit 4f1318b2 authored by Michael Trimarchi's avatar Michael Trimarchi Committed by Tom Rini

common: image: minimal android image iminfo support

We already support iminfo for other images. The idea
of this patch is start to have a minimal support for
android image format. We still need to print id[] array
Signed-off-by: Michael Trimarchi's avatarMichael Trimarchi <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon Glass <[email protected]>
parent f8f9107d
......@@ -275,6 +275,12 @@ static int image_info(ulong addr)
return 0;
puts(" Android image found\n");
return 0;
#if defined(CONFIG_FIT)
puts(" FIT image found\n");
......@@ -145,3 +145,32 @@ int android_image_get_ramdisk(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr,
*rd_len = hdr->ramdisk_size;
return 0;
#if !defined(CONFIG_SPL_BUILD)
* android_print_contents - prints out the contents of the Android format image
* @hdr: pointer to the Android format image header
* android_print_contents() formats a multi line Android image contents
* description.
* The routine prints out Android image properties
* returns:
* no returned results
void android_print_contents(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr)
const char * const p = IMAGE_INDENT_STRING;
printf("%skernel size: %x\n", p, hdr->kernel_size);
printf("%skernel address: %x\n", p, hdr->kernel_addr);
printf("%sramdisk size: %x\n", p, hdr->ramdisk_size);
printf("%sramdisk addrress: %x\n", p, hdr->ramdisk_addr);
printf("%ssecond size: %x\n", p, hdr->second_size);
printf("%ssecond address: %x\n", p, hdr->second_addr);
printf("%stags address: %x\n", p, hdr->tags_addr);
printf("%spage size: %x\n", p, hdr->page_size);
printf("%sname: %s\n", p, hdr->name);
printf("%scmdline: %s\n", p, hdr->cmdline);
......@@ -1156,6 +1156,7 @@ int android_image_get_ramdisk(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr,
ulong *rd_data, ulong *rd_len);
ulong android_image_get_end(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr);
ulong android_image_get_kload(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr);
void android_print_contents(const struct andr_img_hdr *hdr);
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