Commit 3cf23939 authored by Eugeniy Paltsev's avatar Eugeniy Paltsev Committed by Alexey Brodkin

ARC: cache: explicitly initialize "*_exists" variables

dcache_exists, icache_exists, slc_exists and ioc_exists global
variables in "arch/arc/lib/cache.c" remain uninitialized if
SoC doesn't have corresponding HW.

This happens because we use the next constructions for their
definition and initialization:
int ioc_exists __section(".data");

if (/* condition */)
		ioc_exists = 1;

That's quite a non-trivial issue as one may think of it.
The point is we intentionally put those variables in ".data" section
so they might survive relocation (remember we initilaize them very early
before relocation and continue to use after reloaction). While being
non-initialized and not explicitly put in .data section they would end-up
in ".bss" section which by definition is filled with zeroes.
But since we place those variables in .data section we need to care
about their proper initialization ourselves.

Also while at it we change their type to "bool" as more appropriate.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEugeniy Paltsev <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexey Brodkin <[email protected]>
parent 64f47426
......@@ -32,15 +32,15 @@
* relocation but will be used after being zeroed.
int l1_line_sz __section(".data");
int dcache_exists __section(".data");
int icache_exists __section(".data");
bool dcache_exists __section(".data") = false;
bool icache_exists __section(".data") = false;
#define CACHE_LINE_MASK (~(l1_line_sz - 1))
int slc_line_sz __section(".data");
int slc_exists __section(".data");
int ioc_exists __section(".data");
bool slc_exists __section(".data") = false;
bool ioc_exists __section(".data") = false;
static unsigned int __before_slc_op(const int op)
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ static void read_decode_cache_bcr_arcv2(void)
sbcr.word = read_aux_reg(ARC_BCR_SLC);
if (sbcr.fields.ver) {
slc_cfg.word = read_aux_reg(ARC_AUX_SLC_CONFIG);
slc_exists = 1;
slc_exists = true;
slc_line_sz = (slc_cfg.fields.lsz == 0) ? 128 : 64;
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ static void read_decode_cache_bcr_arcv2(void)
cbcr.word = read_aux_reg(ARC_BCR_CLUSTER);
if (cbcr.fields.c)
ioc_exists = 1;
ioc_exists = true;
......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ void read_decode_cache_bcr(void)
ibcr.word = read_aux_reg(ARC_BCR_IC_BUILD);
if (ibcr.fields.ver) {
icache_exists = 1;
icache_exists = true;
l1_line_sz = ic_line_sz = 8 << ibcr.fields.line_len;
if (!ic_line_sz)
panic("Instruction exists but line length is 0\n");
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ void read_decode_cache_bcr(void)
dbcr.word = read_aux_reg(ARC_BCR_DC_BUILD);
if (dbcr.fields.ver){
dcache_exists = 1;
dcache_exists = true;
l1_line_sz = dc_line_sz = 16 << dbcr.fields.line_len;
if (!dc_line_sz)
panic("Data cache exists but line length is 0\n");
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