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tzip: 10 (LA1)
title: Wallet Interaction Standard
author: Alessandro De Carli <>, Mike Godenzi <>, Andreas Gassmann <>, Pascal Brun <@pascuin>
status: WIP
review-period-end: <date review period ends>
type: LA
created: 2019-09-17
updated: 2019-10-09, 2019-10-12, 2019-10-24, 2019-12-09
## What has been discussed in the first workshop - 2019-09-29?
Feedback to this initial draft has been gathered in a workshop during the TQuorum Global Summit in New York with parties like Stove Labs, Cryptonomics, CamlCase, ECAD Labs, Keefer Taylor & Cryptium Labs.
### Feedback
- Tezos URI compatibility (check)
- contract monitoring communication between dapp <> wallet
* PermissionRequest
- guaranteeing the security of the dapp not impersonating an other application
- local storage of the browser
- idea: use a smart contract to manage the permissions
- idea: have different trust levels ex. on-chain access
- idea: use SSL certificate for permission requests
* SignTransaction
- broadcast and sign separate endpoints
- dapp broadcasts signed transaction
- Tezos URI compatibility
- separate endpoint for arbitrary message signing
- dapp forges transaction -> user decides if he signs transaction (extension should be able to unforge certain standards ex. NFT to display meaningful data to the user)
* PaymentRequest
- use Tezos URI standard
* TransportLayer
- use URI schemes to communicate with desktop application
- use matrix messaging network in terms to act as a "relay" service (Tezos GitLab flag) for the nodes
### Questions
- avoid impersonation of dapp by other application
- how to avoid confusion between signing methods of existing libraries -> where is the implementation done in the the end?
### Inputs
- initial handshake with versioning etc.
- serialization, instead of json use protocol buffer etc.
- QR support with scheme url
- forging is dapps/sdk responsibility
- don't automatically broadcast have 2 api's
### Next steps
- Implementation -> first step: wallet extension (signing, broadcasting)
## What has been discussed in the second feedback call - 2019-10-24?
The unedited meeting notes from the call on October 24th which will be reviewed again and then incorporated into the proposal by @dcale.
**Transport Layer**
- any javascript dapp can connect to this (web rtc)
- authentication
-- needed to send messages between the dapp and wallet
-- authentication modul needs to be written
1. can be authenticated by Tezos accounts (arbitrary message signing)
2. with a signed transaction, that does not need to be broadcasted
--> which approach will be used?
- how does dapp now that there is a wallet?
1. chrome extension can directly inject to dapp
2. SDK included in dapp can generate authentication QR code as a fallback
3. push notification send to wallet for authentication
- Why RLP and not use json or any other approach for serialisation
-- with rlp you have a unique serialisation
-- does it have to be rlp as the expected content of the message is known ahead of type
- would it make sense to have fallback method for same device approaches and not use the p2p network in that case
-- as they probably have the same peer this will be an instant experience
-- for later improvement a fallback channel could be used
### Message Types
- threshold, should something like this be optional or not as implementations or not might not include optional parameters
- room for evolution should be respected in the standard ex. threshold approach for automatic signing transactions without user input
- what would happen with layer 2 application ex. state channels
- threshold definition number of amounts, number of transactions, definition for certain asset/tokens
- suboperation is send over the manager operation is done by the wallet, recommended parameters like gas, fees, storage can be interpreted by the wallet but they can be changed
--> threshold will be in the standard as an optional marker
--> thresholds should be revisited in a separate standard
**Sign Payload**
- interaction with a dapp doesn't have to happen necessarily with a signature
- message that entails an entry point for a contract and a set of parameters and the potential sender
- send over only the suboperation
**Payment Request**
- recipientType should be introduced to distinguish the value of recipient to support more types
- all messages also should have a version code for simpler debugging
## What has been discussed in the third feedback call - 2019-11-09?
- identifier -> public key so DH can be done directly
- why libsodium was taken -> base58 is not compatible with matrix as only lower case character are allowed
- VDS -> spam/ddos protection
- lower qr size -> research base32 encoding
- cleanup task for removing "inactive/unused" Matrix accounts
-- remove them after a certain time period
-- manual removal
-- research purge-history api for cleanup
### Feedback
- PermissionRequests / Granted Permissions -> put sematics of the scopes in writing & what is expected of the wallet
-> Guidelines/Suggestions
- PaymentRequest rename to OperationRequest
-- parameters -> use the same approach as contract invocations
### Next steps
- share dockerhub link & documentation
- iterate over feedback, include in pull request
-- include glossary and scenarios
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TZIP (pronounce "tee-zip") stands for Tezos Improvement Proposal, which are documents that explain how the Tezos blockchain works or how it ought to work.
## What is a TZIP?
A TZIP is a design document providing information to the Tezos community, describing a feature for Tezos or its processes or environment, and supporting the formal protocol governance process. A TZIP should contain a concise technical specification and rationale which unambiguously articulates what the proposal is, how it may be implemented, and why the proposal is an improvement.
A TZIP should additionally contain an FAQ, which which documents, compares and answers alternative options, opinions and objections.
## Current TZIPs
| TZIP | Title | Creation Date | Status |
| :---: | :--- | :---: | :--- |
| :---------: | :------------------------------------------------- | :-----------: | :----------------------- |
| [TZIP-0001] | TZIP Purpose and Guidelines | 04/10/2019 | Improvements in progress |
| [TZIP-0002] | TZIP Index | 04/10/2019 | Proposal |
| [TZIP-0003] | TZIP Code of Conduct | 04/10/2019 | Proposal |
......@@ -25,11 +21,10 @@ A TZIP should additionally contain an FAQ, which which documents, compares and a
| [TZIP-0007] | FA1.2 - Approvable Ledger | 06/20/2019 | Proposal |
| [TZIP-0008] | Payment Request Format | 06/25/2019 | Proposal |
| [TZIP-0009] | Info Field for Payment Requests | 06/25/2019 | Proposal |
| [TZIP-0010] | Wallet Interaction Standard | - | Work In Progress |
| [TZIP-0010] | LA1 - Wallet Interaction Standard | 09/17/2019 | Work In Progress |
| [TZIP-0011] | Contract Specification Schema | - | Work In Progress |
| [TZIP-0012] | FA2 - Multi-Asset Contract (MAC) | - | Work In Progress |
## Contribute
If you want to contribute a proposal, please review the TZIP structure in [TZIP-0001](Proposals/TZIP-0001/ You may find TZIP templates in the [Templates] folder helpful.
......@@ -38,18 +33,17 @@ Create a new subfolder in [Proposals] named for your TZIP, and include the propo
Once you have written your proposal, please open a merge request with your proposal for review. Please remember to update the `Current TZIPs` table in the README in your MR.
[TZIP-0001]: Proposals/TZIP-0001
[TZIP-0002]: Proposals/TZIP-0002
[TZIP-0003]: Proposals/TZIP-0003
[TZIP-0004]: Proposals/TZIP-0004
[TZIP-0005]: Proposals/TZIP-0005
[TZIP-0006]: Proposals/TZIP-0006
[TZIP-0007]: Proposals/TZIP-0007
[TZIP-0008]: Proposals/TZIP-0008
[TZIP-0009]: Proposals/TZIP-0009
[TZIP-0010]: Proposals/TZIP-0010
[TZIP-0011]: Proposals/TZIP-0011
[TZIP-0012]: Proposals/TZIP-0012
[Templates]: Templates
[Proposals]: Proposals
[tzip-0001]: Proposals/TZIP-0001
[tzip-0002]: Proposals/TZIP-0002
[tzip-0003]: Proposals/TZIP-0003
[tzip-0004]: Proposals/TZIP-0004
[tzip-0005]: Proposals/TZIP-0005
[tzip-0006]: Proposals/TZIP-0006
[tzip-0007]: Proposals/TZIP-0007
[tzip-0008]: Proposals/TZIP-0008
[tzip-0009]: Proposals/TZIP-0009
[tzip-0010]: Proposals/TZIP-0010
[tzip-0011]: Proposals/TZIP-0011
[tzip-0012]: Proposals/TZIP-0012
[templates]: Templates
[proposals]: Proposals
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