Add annotations to managed ledger storage

Problem: it's hard to understand what is _stored_ in the ManagedLedger
storage (which field means what) when you open it in block explorer
or vanilla Tezos CLI.

Solution: add some field and type annotations to make it clearer.
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# This contract was generated from
# Storage annotations were added manually.
parameter (or (or (or (pair %transfer (address :from)
(pair (address :to)
......@@ -21,13 +22,13 @@ parameter (or (or (or (pair %transfer (address :from)
(nat :value))
(pair %burn (address :from)
(nat :value))))));
storage (pair (big_map address
(pair nat
(map address
(pair address
(pair bool
storage (pair (big_map %ledger (address :user)
(pair (nat :balance)
(map :approvals (address :spender)
(nat :value))))
(pair (address %admin)
(pair (bool %paused)
(nat %totalSupply))));
code { CAST (pair (or (or (or (pair address (pair address nat)) (pair address nat)) (or (pair (pair address address) (contract nat)) (or (pair address (contract nat)) (pair unit (contract nat))))) (or (or bool address) (or (pair unit (contract address)) (or (pair address nat) (pair address nat))))) (pair (big_map address (pair nat (map address nat))) (pair address (pair bool nat))));
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