1. 02 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Release 1.1.3 · 5d172ded
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `bitwarden_cli.sh` to install `@bitwarden/cli` via `npm`:
         - I also updated all scripts to use `$(command -v bw)` instead of the path to the locally cloned Bitwarden CLI repo;
         - remove `bw` BASH alias from `aliases.sh`;
      - Fix some ShellCheck issues in `.bashrc` and `gnew.sh`.
  2. 01 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Release 1.1.2 · ce8d3fc0
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix some issues in `bitwarden_cli.sh`:
         - `XDG_GIT_DIR` definition when not defined;
         - use the right Git URL (SSH or HTTPS).
  3. 25 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Release 1.1.1 · 19c6003c
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `fonts.sh` to use `exit` instead of `return` and install all fonts by default (as intended).
  4. 24 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Release 1.1.0 · 47efe4b3
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `git_init.sh`:
         - update GitHub token authentication as `access_token` is deprecated;
         - use `ssh_key_init.sh` function to generate all SSH keys;
         - implement uploading SSH key for Bitbucket via API;
      - Update `ssh_key_init.sh`:
         - separate `--full_name` from `--name` option;
         - refactor and improve some portions of the function;
         - make username optional for remote host as it was intended;
         - improve the manual help in order to better describe what is done in the function;
         - fix some ShellCheck warnings and some other syntax-related stuff.
  5. 23 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Release 1.0.0 · a2c38931
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Remove `todoist` alias, as [Todoist Electron wrapper](https://github.com/KryDos/todoist-linux) is discontinued and official Todoist AppImage is available;
      - Replace `XDG_SERIES_DIR` with `XDG_VIDS_SRS_DIR` in `user-dirs.dirs_ts`;
      - Add `csp.sh`, `get_phone_bat_status.sh`, `join_by.sh`, `release.sh`, `toggle_monitor.sh`, `win10.sh`, `xcp_add_vusb.sh`, `gitlab_ci_yml_validation.sh`, `ddcutil.sh`, `fragments.sh`, `libsixel.sh`, `systemd_disable_power_button_handling.sh`, `brightness.sh`, `csp.sh`, `multiselect.sh`, `release.sh`, `toggle_monitor.sh`, `win10.sh` initial version of `custom_progress.sh`;
      - Add `eid` and `opera` aliases to `aliases.sh`;
      - Add `project_name_in_status_bar.py` Sublime Text 3 plugin;
      - Update `brightness.sh` to select which monitor’s brightness should be changed;
      - Add an option to open a file using the functions defined in `win_progs.sh`;
      - Add additional XDG paths to `user-dirs.dirs_ts`:
         - `XDG_BZR_DIR`;
         - `XDG_GGL_DIR`;
         - `XDG_GGL_DRIVE_DIR`;
         - `XDG_MEGA_DIR`;
         - `XDG_SVN_DIR`;
      - Add the follwoing options in `gnome_init.sh` and `gnome_janka_init.sh`:
         - an option to disable night light mode;
         - an option to allow volume above 100 %;
         - an option to show weekday in the clock;
      - Add installers for MS Windows:
         - `7zip_choco.ps1`;
         - `chocolatey.ps1`;
         - `ff_nightly.ps1`;
         - `indi.ps1`;
         - `mailspring.ps1`;
         - `megasync_choco.ps1`;
         - `nuget.ps1`;
         - `pinutil.ps1`;
         - `richcopy.ps1`;
         - `subl.ps1`;
         - `terminal.ps1`;
         - `vcredist.ps1`;
      - Add script `ms_office_2019_activator.ps1` for MS Windows;
      - Add MS Windows settings:
         - `disable_uac.ps1`;
         - `enable_rdp.ps1`;
         - `set_execution_policy_unrestricted.ps1`;
         - `set_path_variable.ps1`;
         - `set_timezone.ps1`;
      - Rename `export_bw_session.sh` to `bw_settings.sh`;
      - Move Bitwarden syncing from `bw_settings.sh` to `bw_sync` SystemD service;
      - Create a function from `prosby.sh`:
         - note that this function is deprecated and it will be replaced by `custom_progress.sh` in the future;
      - Make `t5500.sh` read the user password from Bitwarden vault;
      - Rename `todoist_web_wrapper.sh` to `todoist.sh` and update it to install the official Todoist AppImage;
      - Make date in `prompt.sh` locale dependent (sort of);
      - Locally define colour variables in `prompt.sh`;
      - Add `kig` package to install in `fedora_janka_init.sh`;
      - Remove `function` keyword from BASH function definitions;
      - Remove all versioning, authoring (except when there are other authors besides @tukusejssirs) and date of last change information from all files:
         - from now on, the whole repository is versioned starting from `1.0.0` using [semantic versioning](https://semver.org);
      - Fix ShellCheck warnings in `aliases.sh`, `bashrc_stripped.sh`, `gshort.sh`, `ff_nightly.sh`, `ssh_key_init.sh`, `t5500.sh`, `bitwarden_cli.sh`, `wboot.sh`, `win_progs.sh`, `path_definition.sh`, `fonts.sh`, `git_init.sh`, `gnome_init.sh`, `bash_colours.sh`, `fram.sh`, (partially) `prompt.sh`, `create_ssh_keys.sh`;
      - Fix `gl1s.sh` to accept additional parameters;
      - Make `megatools_src.sh`, `subnet_mask.sh`, `sway.sh`, `texlive_man_info_paths.sh` executable;
      - Check if `~/.ssh/known_hosts` file already exists in `bitwarden_cli.sh`;
      - Fix some issues in `gnome_init.sh`:
         - remove `Remmina Dhollandia` shortcut as it is not functional anymore;
         - comment out `xmodmap` commands as it does not work reliably;
         - add a setting to show hidden files in Nautilus;
      - Fix some issues in `gnome_janka_init.sh`:
         - remove uninstallation of `gnome-weather`;
         - add a setting to hide hidden files in Nautilus;
         - source `gshort.sh` function;
      - Fix exit value of previous command in `PS1` (`prompt` must be the first command in `PROMPT_COMMAND`);
      - Fix some typos in `jbead.sh`;
      - Fix an issue in `mscore.sh` (we need to make sure `/opt/bin` ,folder exists);
      - Remove `user-dirs*` files initialisation from `bash_init.sh` and `user-dirs/user-dirs.dirs_{root,ts}` and `user-dirs/user-dirs.locale_ts` (they are already present in the `.config` repository);
      - Fix some issues in `git_init.sh` (like using `XDG_GIT_DIR` variable instead of fixed path);
      - Fix setting keyboard shortcut for opening Nautilus (`home`) in `gnome_init.sh` and `gnome_janka_init.sh` as it is sometimes an array and sometimes a string;
      - Add shebang to all scripts that miss it or is not located on the first line.
  6. 01 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling Release · 721d9b08
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `subnet_mask.sh`, `t5500.sh` functions;
      - Add new GitLab projects groups to `gnew.sh`;
      - Fix an issue with `PS1` (`prompt.sh`) that the date in `12h` did not output `am/pm` when the system locale was not set to use it (e.g. system locale was Slovak);
      - Update `bitwarden_cli.sh` to make it distribution independent;
      - Update `imagemagick_src.sh`;
      - Update `path_definition.sh`;
      - Update `shutup.sh` to backup Mailspring on Windows;
      - Update `ssh_key_init.sh` to fix potential issues.
  7. 05 Sep, 2020 2 commits
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      Rolling Release · 6589fa0c
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `path_definition.sh` (add Windows 10 paths).
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · d5287882
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `aliases.sh`, `add_ssh_keys.sh`, `ssh_key_init.sh`, `path_definition.sh`, `bitwarden_cli.sh`, `youtube-dl.sh`, `cawbird.sh`, `mscore.sh`, `pirate-get.sh`, `remmina.sh`, `wine.sh`, `ssh_servers_init.sh`;
      - Remove `.bash_aliases`;
      - Improve `PATH_REPO_ROOT` definition in `bashrc_stripped.sh`;
      - Fix missing `$` in `caprine.sh`;
      - Add missing dependency in `guiscrcpy.sh`;
      - Add Todoist do startup apps in `gnome_init.sh`;
      - Add `add_to_path.sh`, `get_liturgical_year.sh`, `megatools_src.sh`, `sway.sh`, `kotlin_sdkman.sh`, `avidity_gnome_theme.sh`, `contrast.sh`, `drive.sh`, `geary_systray_ext.sh`, `gradle.sh`, `kotlin.sh`, `scantailor_src.sh`, `todoist_web_wrapper.sh`;
      - Update TexLive paths in `.bashrc`, `texlive.sh` and `path_definition.sh` and also create `texlive_man_info_paths.sh` for `bashrc_stripped.sh`;
      - Fix some issues in `scan.sh` (formatting and output error to `stderr`);
      - Update `shutup.sh` to support Win10 WSL;
      - Fix `libo_src.sh` (removing previously installed LibreOffice).
  8. 08 Jun, 2020 4 commits
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      Rolling release · 1fd97547
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `nanorc/nanorc_old` (remove `include`s and rename `smoothscroll` to `smooth`).
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · ac2a8eee
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `nanorc/nanorc_old` in order to fix issues with older `nano` version (e.g. `v2.3.1`).
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · f6c1114b
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix sourcing `~/.config/user-dirs.dirs` when it does not exist;
      - Fix `nano_local.sh` init script (a comment was not commented out).
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · 204089e2
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `nanorc/nanorc` config file and `nano_global.sh` and `nano_local.sh` init scripts;
      - Add `source_user_dirs_and_get_xdg_git_dir.sh` Bash settings script;
      - Add sourcing `shutup.sh` Bash function to `bashrc_stripped.sh` (when running on private OSes).
  9. 05 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · 0cc9f603
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `acroread.sh` Bash installer;
      - Add `rlwrap` as a dependency in `trans.sh` Bash installer (however, it still does not run on Fedora 32);
      - Add `acroread.sh` Bash setting;
      - Fix opening files with jBead using the `jbead.desktop` file in `jbead.sh` Bash installer;
      - Fix determining the scanner device name in `scan.sh` Bash function (recently, it picked my webcam as a device; also, from now on the script uses the first result as the device).
  10. 21 May, 2020 4 commits
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      Rolling release · 570d7283
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `PATH_REPO_ROOT` in `bashrc_stripped.sh`.
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · c118c445
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `.bash_aliases`, but save the updated file to `bash/aliases/aliases.sh`;
      - Remove `bashrc/bashrc_stripped.sh`;
      - Move `bashrc/.bashrc` to `bash/bashrc/.bashrc` and quote all sourced paths in it.
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · 56a10d42
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `.bash_aliases`, but save the updated file to `bash/aliases/aliases.sh`.
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · cd11dc82
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `PATH_REPO_ROOT` in `bashrc_stripped.sh`;
      - Update `ssh_key_init.sh` Bash function, `teamviewer.sh` installer and `gnome_init.sh` script.
  11. 29 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · 33595f1f
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `prompt.sh` (it did not detect remotes becauce `+` needs to be escaped in `grep`).
  12. 28 Apr, 2020 2 commits
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      Rolling release · 59dbf0ab
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix `add_ssh_keys.sh` (use `$(whoami)` instead of `${USER}`);
      - Fix `get_password_from_remmina.sh` (`if .. then` instead of `if .. do`);
      - Update and fix `prompt.sh`, `src.sh`;
      - Reformat `up.sh`, `vte_mdfd.sh`, `export_bw_session.sh`, `gcc_colours.sh`, `lesspipe.sh`, `path_add_opt_bin.sh`;
      - Fix `bash_completion.sh` (e.g. use `/usr` instead of `$usr`);
      - Fix `PATH_REPO_ROOT` path in `bashrc_stripped.sh`.
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · f228593b
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Update `add_ssh_keys.sh` Bash function;
      - Partial tidy up of `.bashrc`;
      - Change `alert` Bash alias into bash function;
      - Create initial version of `bashrc_stripped.sh`;
      - Move following Bash settings from `.bashrc` to separate files under `bash/settings`: `bash_completion.sh`, `export_bw_session.sh`, `gcc_colours.sh` `lesspipe.sh`, `path_add_opt_bin.sh`.
  13. 27 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · 8864c2d5
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `guiscrcpy.sh`, `python_src.sh`, `audacity.sh`, `ferdi.sh`, `guiscrcpy.sh`, `wifi_driver_e531_bcm43142.sh`, `telegram.sh`, `session.sh`, `jp2a.sh`, `python_src.sh` installer scripts;
      - Add `shutup.sh` bash function;
      - Fix exporting `MANPATH` and `INFOPATH` in `.bashrc` (no duplicate paths in those variables);
      - Update `gnew.sh`, `android_sdk_tools.sh`, `audacious.sh`, `bitwarden_cli.sh`, `bitwarden_gui.sh`, `caprine.sh`, `ff_nightly.sh`, `git_src.sh`, `mailspring.sh`, `remmina.sh`, `shrew.sh`, `smerge.sh`, `subl.sh`, `wine.sh` Bash functions;
      - Update `bash_init.sh`, `git_init.sh`, `gnome_init.sh` initialisation scripts;
      - Update `.bashrc`;
      - Add `wls2_installation.bat` batch script;
      - Add `exp` expect script.
  14. 19 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · b97182d6
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `android_platform_tools.sh`, `android_sdk_tools.sh`, `firefly.sh`, `pirate-get.sh` installer scripts
      - Update `audacious.sh`, `caprine.sh`, `cawbird.sh`, `ff_nightly.sh`, `libo_src.sh`, `samsung_printer_driver.sh`, `zabbix.sh` installer scripts
      - Update `git_init.sh` and `gnome_init.sh` init scripts
      - Update `.bashrc` (fix `ssh-agent` running multiple times)
  15. 21 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · b326773a
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Remove `winbox` alias
      - Update `caprine.sh`, `ff_nightly.sh`, `remmina.sh`, `virtualbox.sh`, `winbox.sh` installers
      - Add `/opt/bin` to `PATH` in `.bashrc`
      - Add initial version of `cawbird.sh` installer
  16. 20 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  17. 19 Jan, 2020 9 commits
  18. 13 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · 63158efe
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Fix deletion of a remote branch that was already deleted on the remote
      - Fix formatting in gnew.sh
      - Update startup_script.sh script
  19. 08 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  20. 07 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      Rolling release · 8d62d01f
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add `trans.sh` installer
      - Add `upgrade_script.sh` script
      - Add TODO notes in `bash_colours.sh` script
      - Add untested `aspell.sh` installer
      - Fix `char_multiplier.sh` output
      - Fix `gnew.sh` issues with subgroups/namespaces
      - Fix `gnew.sh` not setting `HEAD` and remote branch tracking
      - Fix and optimise `git_src.sh` installer mainly, but not only for CentOS 8
      - Fix indentation if `.bashrc`
      - Remove `bc` dependency from `prompt.sh`
      - Run `startup_script.sh` in `.bashrc` only when it exists and `git` is installed
      - Update `gnome_init.sh` and `gnome_janka_init.sh`
      - Update `prompt.sh` to output more precise Git file changes
      - Update `startup_script.sh` script
      - Update `todo.md`
      - Update Git status to `prompt.sh` (output more detailed status of modified files)
  21. 01 Jan, 2020 1 commit
  22. 31 Dec, 2019 3 commits
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      Update (non-fix) `gup.sh` · fb05962b
      tukusejssirs authored
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Update (non-fix) `gup.sh` · 9d27bd2a
      tukusejssirs authored
    • tukusejssirs's avatar
      Rolling release · 5aa8e6f7
      tukusejssirs authored
      - Add default XDG_GIT_DIR value in .bashrc
      - Use cmake3 instead of cmake in remmina.sh installer
      - Add initial version of shrew.sh installer
      - Update gnew.sh bash function
      - Fix prompt.sh and gup.sh bash functions
      - Update fonts.sh, libo_src.sh, git_src.sh, bitwarden.sh installers
      - Update git_init.sh script