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    Release 1.0.0 · a2c38931
    tukusejssirs authored
    - Remove `todoist` alias, as [Todoist Electron wrapper](https://github.com/KryDos/todoist-linux) is discontinued and official Todoist AppImage is available;
    - Replace `XDG_SERIES_DIR` with `XDG_VIDS_SRS_DIR` in `user-dirs.dirs_ts`;
    - Add `csp.sh`, `get_phone_bat_status.sh`, `join_by.sh`, `release.sh`, `toggle_monitor.sh`, `win10.sh`, `xcp_add_vusb.sh`, `gitlab_ci_yml_validation.sh`, `ddcutil.sh`, `fragments.sh`, `libsixel.sh`, `systemd_disable_power_button_handling.sh`, `brightness.sh`, `csp.sh`, `multiselect.sh`, `release.sh`, `toggle_monitor.sh`, `win10.sh` initial version of `custom_progress.sh`;
    - Add `eid` and `opera` aliases to `aliases.sh`;
    - Add `project_name_in_status_bar.py` Sublime Text 3 plugin;
    - Update `brightness.sh` to select which monitor’s brightness should be changed;
    - Add an option to open a file using the functions defined in `win_progs.sh`;
    - Add additional XDG paths to `user-dirs.dirs_ts`:
       - `XDG_BZR_DIR`;
       - `XDG_GGL_DIR`;
       - `XDG_GGL_DRIVE_DIR`;
       - `XDG_M...
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