• New line rendering mode allows terminals of all sized to be supported

Somehow have a terminal made with only 30 characters of width and not much height? Previously you would lose most of the passage you were typing to the depths below the text box with no way to see what was next.

With the new line rendering mode, the word you're currently typing will always be on the left and when you're done typing it, it will disappear. This new mode is enabled by default and means terminals and passages of all sizes (even some of the most ridiculous sized ones) are now supported.

If for some reason you don't like the new mode, you can revert to the old mode via config file with:


Internal Enhancements

  • Remove duplicate legacy logic in game module

There was a bit of hairy legacy logic that actually wasn't being run anymore! This has since been removed, and the rest that was kept was cleaned up a fair bit.

Binary for x86_64 Linux:

Binary for macOS: