Commit be7b7da7 authored by Claudio Gonçalves's avatar Claudio Gonçalves Committed by Claudio Netto

controller: refresh the nginx's status field for each pod change

parent 830fe7f3
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......@@ -50,7 +50,24 @@ func add(mgr manager.Manager, r reconcile.Reconciler) error {
return err
return nil
// HACK(nettoclaudio): Since the Nginx needs store all its pods' info into
// the status field, we need watching every pod changes and enqueue a new
// reconcile request to its Nginx owner, if any.
return c.Watch(&source.Kind{Type: &corev1.Pod{}},
ToRequests: handler.ToRequestsFunc(func(o handler.MapObject) []reconcile.Request {
if nginxCR, ok := o.Meta.GetLabels()["nginx_cr"]; ok {
return []reconcile.Request{
{NamespacedName: types.NamespacedName{
Name: nginxCR,
Namespace: o.Meta.GetNamespace(),
return []reconcile.Request{}
var _ reconcile.Reconciler = &ReconcileNginx{}
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