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Use a sidecar container to perform ReadinessProbe (#12)

* Bring HealthcheckPath back

* Add basic healthcheck server version

* Create handlers package and move status handler into it

* Use param url instead of ports on status handler

* Rename healthcheck to nginx-sidecar

* Rename StatusHandler to HealthcheckHandler

* Remove the need of a checkList

* Add Dockerfile to build nginx-sidecar container

* Use port 8080 on with-configmap example

* Set defaults for healthcheck service

* Add sidecar container to perform readiness probe

* Update alpine version on nginx-sidecar Dockerfile

* Update nginx-sidecar image name

* Build and push nginx-sidecar image on CI

* Change healthcheck sidecar container name

* Use best asserts on healthcheck_handler tests

* Use Sprintf instead of + to concatenate strings

* Fix CI build failure caused by operator-sdk upgrade

* Download the operator-sdk binary instead of build it

* Remove environment variables from travis install section

* Add sudo to chmod when installing operator-sdk binary on travis

* Fix integration tests

* Set 1 second timeout to healthcheck

* Ignore certificate validation when checking HTTPS servers

* Return the error message on  healthcheck response body
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