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Version 1.1.1
© 2006 Rob Church
== Overview ==
1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Configuration
5. Feedback
6. Change Log
== 1. Introduction ==
The Preloader extension allows the creation of boilerplate text which will
be inserted into the edit form when creating new pages. Different boilerplate
text can be specified for different namespaces.
In addition, a new parser tag, <nopreload> is introduced, which is used to
denote sections which should not be preloaded, ever; useful for instructions
and advice on the boilerplate pages. This tag has no effect during a regular
parse operation.
== 2. Requirements ==
The Preloader extension requires MediaWiki 1.7.0 or later.
== 3. Installation ==
To install the Preloader extension, download all files from Subversion, and
place them into your extensions directory.
Then edit your LocalSettings.php file and add the following line:
require_once( 'extensions/Preloader.php' );
Installation can be verified through the Special:Version page on your wiki.
== 4. Configuration ==
Configuration of the boilerplate sources is done via the $wgPreloaderSource
configuration variable, which takes the following format:
$wgPreloaderSource[ <namespace index> ] = PAGE TITLE;
For instance
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MAIN ] = 'Template:Boilerplate';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_HELP ] = 'Template:Boilerplate help';
dictates that the boilerplate text for pages in the main namespace should be
loaded from Template:Boilerplate, while pages in the Help namespace will be
preloaded from Template:Boilerplate_help. Other namespaces have no boilerplate
== 5. Feedback ==
Please submit comments, suggestions and bug reports to <[email protected]>.
== 6. Change Log ==
Version 1.0
* Initial release
Version 1.1
* Trim preloaded text
* Fix newlines in <nopreload></nopreload> tags
Version 1.1.1
* Add description message for [[Special:Version]]
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