Commit e82be185 authored by treyzania's avatar treyzania

Set up emacs configuration, pretty primitive for now.

parent 30b92414
......@@ -230,6 +230,23 @@
(setq c-default-style "linux")
(setq c-basic-offset t)
;;; OCaml
;; Set the Emacs source path for OPAM things.
(setq opam-site-path
(concat (getenv "HOME")
(use-package tuareg
:ensure t)
;; idrk what this does
(push opam-site-path load-path)
(autoload 'merlin-mode "merlin" "Merlin mode" t)
(add-hook 'tuareg-mode-hook 'merlin-mode)
(add-hook 'caml-mode-hook 'merlin-mode)
;;; Other formats
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