Commit 767ea5b7 authored by Mike Ledger's avatar Mike Ledger

size comparison

parent 77084ad6
......@@ -35,4 +35,7 @@ Benchmark radixtree-parsing: FINISH
A neat (and experimental) feature of `radixtree` is that it can compress trees
to use *only* the original corpus, as a single `Text` value, and simply store
the array offset/lengths into that original value for each node. See
`compressBy`. The 'CompressedRadixTree' version used for the above benchmark
(using the same corpus) is 254032 bytes large, whereas the ordinary 'RadixTree'
is a relatively rotund 709904 bytes. The source `[Text]` is a not-so-slim 69840
bytes (and a `Vector Text` version clocks in at 56952 bytes).
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