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## 4.2.0
### Highlights
- Android release is now built with SDK 27 (previous releases were built with SDK 22) and the latest NDK r17b (up from NDK r8b!)
- The minimum SDK level required to run TotalCross applications remains unchanged (SDK 10)
- Applied the Android recommended changes to better handle activities and contexts to prevent possible resource
- TotalCross now asks for the user permission to access phone state and location on startup
- Improved some Color methods to produce better results by properly weighting the RGB components according to our perception of color brightness
- Added support for local notifications on JDK, Android and iOS. Known bugs and limitations:
- Notification is crashing on iOS 10+
......@@ -12,6 +16,22 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
> :information_source: **Using this approach to handle images of approximately 800x800 on medium sized devices can reduce memory consumption by up to 80% while doubling the image loading speed!**
### Fixed
- Deploy will now correctly package tcz dependencies that were split over multiple files - TotalCross#214
- Fixed vertical alignment of text inside a ComboBox - TotalCross#192
- Removed duplicated field `effect` from ImageControl
- Fixed detection of pressed events on ImageControl
- Added protection for unlikely (but possible) NPE during deploy
- Fixed bug during activation with some JDK versions - a FileNotFoundException could be thrown when trying to recursively create directories for a new file
- Fixed Toast appearing relative to the `topMost` window, when it should always be relative to the MainWindow
- Fixed graphical bug with MultiButton - a transparent ComboBox arrow was being drawn on the background of the MultiButton (!)
- Fixed PushButtonGroup drag event to allow "giving up" on a press event by dragging outside the button bounds after a press
- Fixed text being hidden on MultiEdit with Material style
- Fixed deploy with Java 10, dependencies are now listed in the jar's Manifest
### Changes
- Whiteboard no longer recreates the content image when repositioned - TotalCross#187, TotalCross#196
- The Launche (simulator) can no longer be used without an activation key
### Added
- Added static method `Image.getScaledJpeg` to load jpeg files using fast IDCT scale, more about this [here](
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