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edit and stream fixes

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......@@ -11,10 +11,19 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
- Notification is crashing on iOS 10+
- Android lacks support for custom images for notifications, only the default TotalCross logo is supported
### Fixed
- Fixed Edit's material caption animation when navigating using the keyboard
- Fixed `` - the value returned is now between the range 0-255, as specified by the `` documentation. The class `WrapInputStream` is used by `Stream.asInputStream()`
### Changes
- Usage of `Vm.sleep(1)` in the SDK replaced with `Thread.yield()` for clarity sake
- Changes `LineReader` to use `Thread.yield()` between read attempts instead of stoping the Vm for 100 ms
- Spinner's implementation changed to use TimerEvent instead of threads to perform the animation
- Edit's material caption animation is faster and will no longer get mixed with the blinking cursor
- `[], I, I)` no longer rethrows `` as ``
- `WrapOutputStream.write(B[], I, I)` no longer rethrows `` as ``
- `WrapInputStream.close()` will now properly close the underlying stream
- `WrapOutputStream.close()` will now properly close the underlying stream
## 4.1.4 - 2018-05-17
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