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# tophackr status
## How to modify files to your own status
## About
In config ([_config.yml]) you need to change this line to your own.
title: example status
description: example description to site
baseurl: '/status' # if you want to connect your own domain to the status of the quotation marks leave blank or remove this line.
url: ''
repository: ''
twitter: examplestatus
and you need to change `zone` to your timezone, and `timezone`. A list of all available values can be found [here](
zone: 'UTC+3' # example
timezone: Europe/Moscow # example
## How to create incident
There are 3 types of incident [danger], [warning], [success].
You can use these drafts as you want, just note that the history displays danger incident.
Posts need to be created in the folder [_posts]
## Schedules
You must also create a [scheduler](, to update the status of the site every day itself without incident.
Description: Update status
Interval Pattern:
- 0 0 * * *
Cron Timezone: Your time zone which is specified in _config
This repository is created to track tophackr services.
You can also make a fork of this project for your own purposes, before that read the installation [guide].
## If you have a problem
Check [repository page][repository] or [status page][status]
[_config.yml]: _config.yml
[danger]: _drafts/
[warning]: _drafts/
[success]: _drafts/
[_posts]: _posts/
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