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......@@ -72,12 +72,13 @@ I had the opportunity to have access to a Windows VM and tested `PowerStencil`.
# What is the status of `PowerStencil` ?
`PowerStencil` is still under development, yet **it can already be safely used**.
`PowerStencil` is still considered under development until version `1.0.0` is released, yet **it can already be safely used**, event for production.
**Since it entered the `0.9.x` version, no new feature should be added**. That branch will be used for statibilisation and anything released there should only be related to bugfixes, and plugin developement. As a bunch of official plugins should be released along with the version `1.0.0`.
Regarding `PowerStencil` core:
- The part that may evolve the most is the plugin part (including documentation which is not really in par with the rest...), but it should not break anything developed now.
- New system entity types may appear.
- The plugin related features may still evole a bit along with first official plugins development, but since both local and gems plugins are supported no big change may arise in the architecture.
- The functional documentation is evolving.
- There is almost no technical/architectural documentation yet. Read the code...
......@@ -85,10 +86,6 @@ Anyway `PowerStencil` follows the semantic versioning pattern and if incompatibl
There are already some plugins in the pipe. See [example use cases], to get an idea of the first official plugins to come.
:information_source: Of course, `PowerStencil` is new software and it is expected to evolve with the needs of its users...
[:back:][Documentation root]
<!-- End of Document -->
module PowerStencil
VERSION = '0.8.14'.freeze
VERSION = '0.9.0'.freeze
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