Commit bafd72c9 authored by Tobias Rautenkranz's avatar Tobias Rautenkranz
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Allow to lint only drafts

parent 3a903f92
...@@ -51,3 +51,7 @@ mld_rules := "~MD002,~MD012,~MD033" ...@@ -51,3 +51,7 @@ mld_rules := "~MD002,~MD012,~MD033"
lint: lint:
-mdl -r "$(mld_rules)" _posts/*.md -mdl -r "$(mld_rules)" _posts/*.md
-mdl -r "$(mld_rules)" _drafts/*.md -mdl -r "$(mld_rules)" _drafts/*.md
.PHONY: lint-drafts
-mdl -r "$(mld_rules)" _drafts/*.md
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