Commit 91ea21bb authored by Tobias Rautenkranz's avatar Tobias Rautenkranz

Fix build

parent 57ed9dd6
changelog := _includes/changelog.html.fragment changelog := _includes/changelog.html.fragment
all: $(changelog) all: $(changelog)
#jekyll build -I jekyll build -q
serve: serve:
jekyll serve -B -D > /dev/null 2>&1 jekyll serve -B -D > /dev/null 2>&1
...@@ -17,15 +17,10 @@ $(changelog): ...@@ -17,15 +17,10 @@ $(changelog):
@git log --pretty=format:'<dt>%n<a href="$(REPO)%H">%ai</a>%n</dt><dd>%s</dd>%n' >> [email protected] @git log --pretty=format:'<dt>%n<a href="$(REPO)%H">%ai</a>%n</dt><dd>%s</dd>%n' >> [email protected]
@echo "</dl>" >> [email protected] @echo "</dl>" >> [email protected]
## html5 tidy .PHONY: clean
# FIXME clean:
tidy_ops := -quiet -ashtml -utf8 --preserve-entities yes \ rm -f $(changelog)
-indent --indent-spaces 2 -wrap 80 \
--new-blocklevel-tags nav,article,aside,header,footer,figure,figcaption,time,main \
--new-inline-tags video,audio,canvas \
--sort-attributes alpha
## html ## .PHONY: clean
tidy: dist-clean: clean
#tidy $(tidy_ops) -m _site/index.html rm -rf _site
tidy $(tidy_ops) -m `find _site/ -name "*.html"`
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