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Run main.exe
pip install -r requirements.txt
Requires Numba - seemed pretty easy to set up, but then so did scipy and I got
a ton of flak for including that last time :P
In menus:
Select options with mouse
In some menus you can use arrow keys and enter, or mousewheel (up & down, and wheel-click to select.) Unfortunately,
many menus are buggy.
In the 3D world:
WASD to move.
Esc. to show menu
Space to pause
Right click or TAB to interact with objects in the world
F5 toggles locking your view to cardinal directions + diagonals. You may or may not like this
F6 toggles locking your position to the cell grid. This, you probably won't like.
Ancient prophesies foretold of the tower that rose out of the ground one day.
They said that legendary adventurers from across the land would unite, to face
its challenges, and die like the chumps they are.
......@@ -13,6 +42,13 @@ rich quick and aren't afraid of a few agitated skeletons.
Go in. Get the money. Don't die.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what I wish I could say happened in this game. Unfortunately I ran out of
time. I absolutely do intend to finish it properly though - go to
and follow me on there if you think this game concept sounds cool and you want
to see the finished version.
By TOASTEngineer. Music by tieff.
All images from, CC-BY
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