A polyrhythmic metronome. Supports ALSA and JACK audio backends.

Problem: There is no FLOSS, polymetric metronome that I'm happy with (as far as I know).

STK is a dependency, either install the libstk0-dev package or install by hand:

1)Download stk:

2)compile it, cd into the src directory and do:
make libstk.so.4.4.2

3)then copy the librairies over:
sudo cp libstk.so.* /usr/local/lib/

4)then copy the headers over:
sudo mkdir /usr/local/include/stk
cd ($STK_ROOT)/include
sudo cp *.h

This is a workaround until stk has some sort of make install feature.

-Immediately usable and understandable without referring to documentation.
-Global controls
	-Beats per minute (tempo) control.
	-Start/stop button
-Controls for each ticker:
    -Meter control.
	-Ability to specify accented beats (TODO).
	-Filter resonance, radius, gain. (Partially done).
	-Animation to correspond to ticks.

Overview of subsystems:

|   __________  ________
|   |Graphics|  | Audio |
|   ---------   ---------
|   _____________________
|   | Control data/logic|
|   ---------------------