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    ENH: Added Material Evaluator · 3bc6fa36
    Till Junge authored
    Closes T2507.
    For more convenient testing and debugging of material laws, the `MaterialEvaluator` class encapsulates a an object of a `MaterialBase` daughterclass and allows to evaluate the stress-strain relationship as well an the analytical tangent moduli and a numerical approximation of said tangent.
    WIP: started MaterialEvaluator
    first functional material evaluator, tested
    ENH: Material evaluator can now estimate tangent numerically
    WIP: switching to non-templated material evaluators
    ENH: material evaluator no longer templated my the material
    Merge branch 'master' into feat/material_evaluator_T2507
    WIP: writing python bindings for material evaluator
    ENH: Material Evaluator now has python bindings
    BUG: Missing test of material evaluator added
    BUG: flush Jenkins's pybind11
    BUG: undo the jenkins flush
    WIP: documenting and wrapping up material evaluator
    ENH: material evaluator documented
    Test Plan: ci passes
    Reviewers: RLeute, afalsafi
    Reviewed By: RLeute, afalsafi
    Maniphest Tasks: T2507
    Differential Revision: https://c4science.ch/D234