Tim Stumbaugh

Tim Stumbaugh

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The story of anabus

When I was younger (middle school), I subscribed to the magazine EGM. In one issue, I read their preview of Xbox Live, and it said that they thought the name AnubisMaximus would be a cool GamerTag.

Several months later, I played Halo for the first time with some friends, and I needed a name for my profile. Thinking back to that article I thought, "I'll use that name I read." However, I didn't remember correctly, so thus, anabus was born (Halo's technical restrictions did not allow the entire anabus maximus I would've liked).

Later, after discovering the joy of multipayer computer games like Jedi Outcast, Battlefield 1942 and Starcraft, I added the underscore to form anabus_maximus. For a while, I used it as my username many places.

Eventually, I dropped the "maximus" of the name and started to use just anabus for usernames throughout the web. I still do this sometimes, but for other purposes, I've used the usernames stum and tjstum.